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Main Categories

Analog and mixed-signal Devices


Analog and mixed-signal devices includes components which working just with analog signals or the other type of them which working with both types of signals (analog and digital).

Typical uses:

The components in this category have a various range of uses such as generic Data Converters which converting data that have been received or suppose to be transmitted in case of different source and destination components' interfaces.
There are also some specific purpose components like Audio Converters audio signals or streams from one audio format to another one, or the Video Converters which converting video signal or streams from one video format like: CVBS, S-Video,Component Video from one format to the other one, this category also have converters which convert the signal from analog to digital and the opposite for instance Audio ADCs, Video ADCs, Audio DACs, Video DACs.
There are also a totally different kind of components in this category like some kinds of Amplifiers which divided by themselves into sub-categories that includes the following categories: Signal Amplifiers, Operational Amplifiers, Low Voltage Amplifiers.

Sub Categories

Analog and mixed-signal Devices

Electronic Components

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