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Audio DACs


Audio DACs contains components which suppose to convert Digital audio signal to Analog audio signal

Typical uses:

The Audio DACs uses usually to restore data which stored on digital media storage like CD, DVD, HDD, Memory Components, EPROMs when we need to play it on speakers and so forth.

Electronic Components

Part NumberManufacturerDescription
UDA1330ATSPhilips SemiconductorLow-cost stereo filter DAC
UDA1334ATSPhilips SemiconductorLow power audio DAC with PLL
UDA1334BTSPhilips SemiconductorLow power audio DAC
UDA1334TSPhilips SemiconductorLow power audio DAC
UDA1351HPhilips Semiconductor96 kHz IEC 958 audio DAC
UDA1351TSPhilips Semiconductor96 kHz IEC 958 audio DAC
UDA1352HLPhilips Semiconductor48 kHz IEC 60958 audio DAC
UDA1352TSPhilips Semiconductor48 kHz IEC 60958 audio DAC
UDA1334BTPhilips SemiconductorLow power audio DAC
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