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Discretes Components are the opposite of ICs which meaning that the circuit have separate component for specific declared mission and any discretes component is single component and not includes complex of several or more components.

Typical uses:

Discretes Components includes many sub-categories of components which uses to influence the current flow in the electric circuit, this category includes components like Diodes and Rectifiers which are a kind of "one direction electric faucet" which also includes the "protective electrostatic discharge one direction faucet" that called ESD Protection Diodes maybe the most significant sub-category is the Transistors which have some large variety of uses for instance they can be used as Switches, as "One step amplification units",as specific use Amplifiers there is many types of Transistors like the Power BJTs, Darlington Transistors, Digital Transistors, Hybrid Transistors, RF Transistors, Bipolar Small-Signal Transistors, Small Signal FETs, Junction FETs (Single), Small-Signal MOSFETs(Single), Power MOSFETs, High Frequency Power MOSFETs, IGBTs and other kinds of Transistors that expending the range of uses even more of course their also the Optical Devices which assembled from many kinds of different uses that the common property for all of them is that they are connected to the optic discipline I'll give you here a few samples of them: the Display Driver ICs which divided into the following sub-categories: VFD Driver ICs, VFD Driver With Controller ICs, VFD Driver ICs, Character VFD Driver With Controller ICs.

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