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High Frequency Power MOSFETs

High Frequency Power MOSFETs are version of the MOSFETs which suppose to work with high voltage, high current and have high switching frequency, MOFETs are the most common type of FETs which called Metal Oxide FETs because of that in the past this Transistors gate's was made from metal, which replaced now by a polisilicone layer but the name stayed.
The MOSFETs assembled from n-channel or p-channel and called accordingly NMOSFET or a PMOSFET.

Electronic Components

Part NumberManufacturerDescription
2SK2855Toshiba Semiconductor2SK2855 Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK3075Toshiba Semiconductor2SK3075 Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK2854Toshiba Semiconductor2SK2854 Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK1310AToshiba Semiconductor2SK1310A Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK3656Toshiba Semiconductor2SK3656 Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK1739AToshiba Semiconductor2SK1739A Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK3077Toshiba Semiconductor2SK3077 Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK3476Toshiba Semiconductor2SK3476 Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK3078AToshiba Semiconductor2SK3078A Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK3074Toshiba Semiconductor2SK3074 Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK3475Toshiba Semiconductor2SK3475 Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK3079AToshiba Semiconductor2SK3079A Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK3756Toshiba Semiconductor2SK3756 Is a RF Power MOSFET
2SK2855Toshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK3075Toshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK2854Toshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK1310AToshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK3656Toshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK1739AToshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK3077Toshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK3476Toshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK3078AToshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK3074Toshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK3475Toshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
2SK3079AToshiba SemiconductorRF Power MOSFET
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