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Logic Devices


Logic Devices are electronic components which doing an arithmetic/logic operation.

Typical uses:

This category includes large variety of components which uses for many colorful uses such as comparing between two values by the Comparators (for example: Identity Comparators, Magnitude Comparators), Logic Gates which are a "boolean mathematic operation executors" (such as AND Gates, NAND Gates, OR Gates, NOR Gates, XOR Gates), counting operation by a specific formula (like Binary Counters, Divide Counters and Universal Counters ), Demultiplexers which sometimes called shortly DMUX (this devices have usually one input and few outputs which switches between the input and the selected output), Shift Registers which shift their contents by a constant condition such as clock pulse / asynchronous data that received or any other constant known method this devices have a few uses like converting data from serial to parallel and the opposite, rolling data and etc.

Additional info:

In general, the whole category is about to make standard and complex mathematical, arithmetic and logic operations by an electronic components, and pass the operation result to the correct circuit or chip for processing or continuing a major operation (very occasionally the Logic Device result is the single operation's of the circuit).

Sub Categories

Logic Devices

Electronic Components

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