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Demultiplexers are components which have a few inputs and one output and pins for input selection, the binary number in those pins uses to tell to the component the ordinal number of the input that will connected to the output.
It's actually a king of electronic switch. This components also called DMUX or Decoders.

Electronic Components

Part NumberManufacturerDescription
74LVC1G18GWPhilips Semiconductor 
74LVC1G18GVPhilips Semiconductor 
74LVC1G19GWPhilips Semiconductor 
74LVC1G19GVPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHC138DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHC138PWPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHCT138DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHCT138PWPhilips Semiconductor 
74LV138NPhilips Semiconductor 
74LV138DPhilips Semiconductor 
74LV138DBPhilips Semiconductor 
74LV138PWPhilips Semiconductor 
74LVC138ADPhilips Semiconductor 
74LVC138ADBPhilips Semiconductor 
74LVC138APWPhilips Semiconductor 
74LVC138ABQPhilips Semiconductor 
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