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Latches is components which using to manipulate data when there is two data sources and only one bus to get and send the data in the microcomputing component, in many cases latches uses to separate the data from the address bus when the microcomputing component have multiplexed address and data bus. This component have input which tells them when to lock the data and when to release them.

Electronic Components

Part NumberManufacturerDescription
74AHC259DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHC259PWPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHCT259DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHCT259PWPhilips Semiconductor 
N74F259NPhilips Semiconductor 
N74F259DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHC373DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHC373PWPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHCT373DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHCT373PWPhilips Semiconductor 
74ALVC373DPhilips Semiconductor 
74ALVC373PWPhilips Semiconductor 
74LV373NPhilips Semiconductor 
74LV373DPhilips Semiconductor 
74LV373DBPhilips Semiconductor 
74LV373PWPhilips Semiconductor 
N74F373NPhilips Semiconductor 
N74F373DPhilips Semiconductor 
N74F373DBPhilips Semiconductor 
N74F2373NPhilips Semiconductor 
N74F2373DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHC573DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHCT573DPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHC573PWPhilips Semiconductor 
74AHCT573PWPhilips Semiconductor 
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