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Memory Components


Memory Components are an electronic devices which generally remember data.

Typical uses:

The components of this category uses to store permanent data (such as firmware) or temporary data (such as work memory).

Additional info:

There are some very different type of them which divided into 2 main categories: RAM (keeps the information until the power disappear) and ROM (keeps his data still even the power gone) this two fundamental categories have also by themselves sub-categories such as EPROMs, FLASH, DataFlash™ Components, there is some different ways to categorize the Memory Components the most common way is to categorize them by their write capability as above-mentioned, also another common way to categorize the Memory Components is by their Interface (Bus) type like the I2C™ Bus Controllers, 3-Wire Bus Devices, Parallel Bus Devices and etc. the Memory Components can also be categorized by their securing data abilities such as CryptoMemory™ Components and some other kinds of Memory Components which have secured zone with user name and password or the simple types of secured memories which usually integrated into Microcontrollers and have a simple lock bit to prevent copy of content of the integrated memory.

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Memory Components

Electronic Components

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