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IR Control Components

IR Control Components uses to control infra red data received or sent by an infra red LEDS, one of the most common uses of these components is remote controls of electronic products.

Electronic Components

Part NumberManufacturerDescription
T2525N0AtmelIR Receiver ASSP
T2525N1AtmelIR Receiver ASSP
T2525N2AtmelIR Receiver ASSP
T2525N3AtmelIR Receiver ASSP
T2525N6AtmelIR Receiver ASSP
T2525N7AtmelIR Receiver ASSP
T2526N0AtmelLow-voltage IR Receiver ASSP
T2526N1AtmelLow-voltage IR Receiver ASSP
T2526N2AtmelLow-voltage IR Receiver ASSP
T2526N3AtmelLow-voltage IR Receiver ASSP
T2526N6AtmelLow-voltage IR Receiver ASSP
T2527N0AtmelLow-voltage Highly Selective IR Receiver IC
T2527N1AtmelLow-voltage Highly Selective IR Receiver IC
T2527N2AtmelLow-voltage Highly Selective IR Receiver IC
T2527N3AtmelLow-voltage Highly Selective IR Receiver IC
T2527N6AtmelLow-voltage Highly Selective IR Receiver IC
T2527N7AtmelLow-voltage Highly Selective IR Receiver IC
U2538B-MFPAtmelIR Receiver for Data Communication
U2538B-MFPG3AtmelIR Receiver for Data Communication
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