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Main Categories

Security, Smart Card ICs and Id Devices

This components uses to secure systems (ths whole system or part of the system), to identify the user who uses specific product or system.
This is area which all the time just growing, today there is a large of simple or very sophisticated components which offers a protection by secure and block unwanted access to the specific part of the system or simply by identifing the user.
This category includes CryptoMemory™ Components which allows access only to who is authorized by username and password to access to the Memory Components content, there is also Smart Card which uses as a "key" to the system, or identifing components like the Biometric devices like Finger Print ID or Retina Identification which scans the eye and compares the binary picture of the retina from the database with this that scanned just now and a lot other components which have the same purpose TO SECURE THE SYSTEM.

Sub Categories

Security, Smart Card ICs and Id Devices

Electronic Components

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