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Part NumberDescription
SAA7130HLPCI video broadcast decoder
FDD8896FDD8896 is a Power MOSFET Transistor.
FDC6306PFDC6306 is a Power MOSFET Transistor.
FDC6420CFDC6420 is a Power MOSFET Transistor.
FDD5690FDD5690 is a Power MOSFET Transistor.

UDA1334BT Details ...

Low power audio DAC
UDA1334BT - General Data
Part NumberUDA1334BT
DescriptionLow power audio DAC
CategoryAudio DACs
DatasheetDatasheetPDF Document
UDA1334BT - Properties
Power Supply Voltage Range1.80V to 3.60V
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to 85°C
Operating Current Range2.3mA
Standby Current150µA
samplling frequency range8KHz - 100KHz
DAC analog supply current2.3mA
Digital supply current1.4mA
Typical Power dissipation17mW
UDA1334BT - Package
Package Number


Package Name16-Pin Plastic SO
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