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Part NumberDescription
SAA7130HLPCI video broadcast decoder
FDD8896FDD8896 is a Power MOSFET Transistor.
FDC6306PFDC6306 is a Power MOSFET Transistor.
FDC6420CFDC6420 is a Power MOSFET Transistor.
FDD5690FDD5690 is a Power MOSFET Transistor.

Generic Transceivers

Electronic Components
Part NumberManufacturerDescription
N74F242NNXPQuad transceiver, inverting (3-State)
N74F243NNXPQuad transceiver (3-State)
N74F242DNXPQuad transceiver, inverting (3-State)
N74F243DNXPQuad transceiver (3-State)
74ABT245DNXPOctal transceiver with direction pin (3-State)
74ABT245DBNXPOctal transceiver with direction pin (3-State)
74ABT245PWNXPOctal transceiver with direction pin (3-State)
N74F245NNXPOctal transceiver (3-State)
N74F245DNXPOctal transceiver (3-State)
N74F245DBNXPOctal transceiver (3-State)
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